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How to Pass a Woman's Test when She's Looking for a Challenging Man

By Staff

History and mythology have both proven that there is more than an ounce of truth in the saying that behind every successful man is a woman. Heck, some of the women were even greater than their men.

Discounting the battle of the sexes, there are a lot of successful women today who are looking for men who do not always come to their aid but who would ask for their help sometimes. Men who are not always like knights in glinting raiment. In short, dumbbells in distress. And often times, to check whether a man suits a woman's taste, she tests the man. To pass this test, here are ways on how to be a challenge to women.

There are ways to be a challenge to women. Here are dos and don'ts that a man should remember to exude that air of mystery that so hook the ladies and keep them coming back for more.

1) Let the electronic lines rest. Calling and sending a text message, instant message or e-mail too soon or too frequently would make a woman think a man has got nothing else on his mind but sex and nothing better to do than pursue women. A man should wait it out before attempting any of these things. Timing is crucial; most of the time, it is everything.

2) Be a ball of mystery. It would be to a man's advantage to keep a woman guessing. He should not divulge information on his family, relationship history, or salary outright or willingly. Instead, these bits should be revealed only in trickles and in a gradual manner because they keep a woman interested. Tell her too soon and, without anything else to uncover, she is immediately bored and will want to move on to the next man she could unravel the secrets of.

3) Avoid the Talk. Generally, men do not like talking about their feelings. They dread any kind of confrontations that begin with "Let's talk." While this frustrates girls, they may also subliminally like it. Because if a man starts to share too much, he would start sounding like a girl. That is a no-no. In place of words, he should put in gestures. Like snuggling in bed after the deed. Most of the time men cannot help but fall asleep right afterward. This is forgivable to women, but only if the men make up for it by making breakfast in bed the morning after.

4) Answer her declaration with a kiss. Women hate it when they say "I love you" and they do not hear it back. A man who genuinely loves a woman does not have to keep himself from answering in the affirmative, but sometimes a kiss is a better response than "I love you, too." This works for men who are not sure of their feelings yet. But it sure will make a woman think--or cry, fight or break up with the man. This is the perfect opportunity for a makeup kiss.

5) Show an ugly side. It is a known fact that dating is a period when one puts his/her best foot forward. For a man, though, it would not be entirely detrimental if he showed some of his imperfections. Flaws make a girl sit up and want to change her guy. This makeover project should keep her busy.

5) Come to her rescue but do not patronize her. Girls cannot do all kinds of household chores. Since men are biologically superior than women, a man would do well to act like a carpenter/plumber/cable guy who can fix everything that needs fixing in her place. But he should never, never make her feel inadequate or weaker.

6) Surprise her with your wit and skill. It is perfectly okay for men to act dumb sometimes, although never for a prolonged period. A man should assure a woman that beneath that bulk is some brains. For example, a man should not hesitate to ask for directions when they are going out of town. However, he should know how to put up a tent, build a fire, and find their way back without getting lost. Also, a man who knows some random trivia can prove intriguing and entertaining to a girl.

7) Have big dreams. Forward-thinkers are a babe magnet. Self-made men are infinitely attractive to women. A woman feels secure when she knows her man has drive and ambition because it means he could take care of her and their kids, if ever. He should share some plans, but he should keep enough to himself so she will want to stick around and discover each one for an exciting possible future together. This challenge does not only exit on the man's part but also the woman's; it goes both ways.



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