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How to Steal a Girlfriend

By Staff

There could be times that a person may want to have a girl unfortunately this girl already has a boyfriend. This intention can be too harsh or too hurtful for the person who will lose his girlfriend. This is also a selfish act on the part of the girlfriend stealer because he does not mind what consequences that happen on the persons involved in the relationship.

On the other hand, this act can prove that a person can just simply have the girl that he wants because he feels that he is more deserving than the other guy. He could have also felt that the girl has some attraction to him and is just waiting for his next move to break up on her current boyfriend. Relationships may end up just like that. If there are reasons why a man wants to have that girl and his intentions are good, there could be no problem in stealing someone else’s girlfriend.

If the person just wants to boost his self-confidence on girls, this act can be an unhealthy way because there is a relationship that may be destroyed. He may prove to himself that he can get the girl that he wants and be her boyfriend. It is still important to assess the real intention on why a man would like to steal someone else’s girlfriend.

If however, the intentions are good, here are some ways that can help a person to steal someone else’s girlfriend. The perfect catch in this situation could be that girl who is already bored and cold on a long relationship. This could be the perfect timing for a person to steal the heart of the girl.

1. Find a girl that has a boyfriend. This will test the capability of the person to search a girl that really has a boyfriend. Many girls out there can fool a person. They may say that some good-looking men already own them. But the truth is, they don’t still have their own boyfriends. Be sure that the girl is a certified “owned girlfriend”. If the girl tells the truth that, she has a boyfriend, then there is the perfect target to steal a girlfriend.

2. After finding the prospect girl, the person must plan his next move in stealing the attention of the girl. If there is that feeling that the girl wants to have a new relationship, the perfect time is at hand for the person. This could be the easiest way to steal a girlfriend. The girl might just show the initiative that she wants a new boyfriend. There could be also instances where the girl will show some signs that she is ready to be taken.

3. A person may make his move by showing his intention to the girl. He must focus on his appearance and make sure he will look good. He needs to choose on what clothing can catch the attention of the girl. The appearance of the person is important to have some confidence and guts to steal a girlfriend. Know what type of look does the girl wants for his boyfriend. This may give the person some idea on what he will wear when he introduces himself to the girl. The person must also be conscious on his personal hygiene, so that he will be confident enough when he meets the girl.

4. The next move for the person would be picking it up with the girl’s thoughts about the person who wants to have him. Knowing that she has a boyfriend, the person should be ready for the rejection. The person should try to flirt with the girl and talk to her more about having relationships. The person should also act immediately by asking the girl for a date and do not forget to get her phone number. If she reacts and entertained the question, there should be a very good chance for the person to steal her out in that relationship.

5. The person can make a friendly relationship with the girl first. He may read between the situations that may come across in that friendship. The person can make his move if he feels that the girl has already fallen in his trap. This is the time for that the person that to come on strong. He can try to kiss her if there is an opportunity. This could work because there’s no time for her to think.

These are many tactics that may help a person on how to steal a girlfriend. If everything that was planned goes well, she might end up dumping her boyfriend. Just be sure that the steal was done just because there is an attraction that pushed him to do that act.







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